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About Us

Lillian Rose Inc is a leading Manufacturer, Distributor, and Drop Shipper offering fashionable and trendy wedding accessories for over 25 years. The brand has expanded over time to include baby, special occasion and gift items. We look forward to having our wide range of unique products be a part of your special occasion! To purchase our products please find a store near you.  

If you are a retailer we are excited to have you become one of our valued Lillian Rose Retailers (Dealer), please complete our Dealer Application or Contact Us for more details.

Benefits of becoming a Lillian Rose Retailer (Dealer)

    ·   Low Minimums
    ·   No item Minimums
    ·   Great Specials (Login to our Retailer Site or Contact Us for more details)
    ·   Consumer Catalog Program (Pocket Size catalog with Suggested Retail Pricing)
    ·   Drop Ship Capabilities
    ·   Quality Product Assurance, Service, Selection
    ·   Fast Order turnaround
    ·   Easy Ordering Options (Call, Fax, Email, order Online)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a Catalog?

Yes. Lillian Rose offers 3 Catalogs:
    ·   Baby and Gift wholesale catalog for various retail markets
    ·   Wedding wholesale catalog for the industry and wedding trades
    ·   Pocket Size Wedding Retail catalog to be used as a sales tool by our Retailer (Dealer) locations

How do I receive a Catalog?

RETAILERS: If you are already a Lillian Rose Retailer (Dealer), please contact us  to receive a free wholesale catalog. If you are a retailer and would like to receive a free wholesale catalog, please complete our Dealer Application or contact us  and supply us with your resale tax certificate to become a Lillian Rose Retailer (Dealer).
CONSUMERS: Find a store near you to view our catalogs at their location or obtain a retail catalog from your retailer.

How can I order your products?

CONSUMERS: You can purchase our product from our many retailers worldwide. Find a store near you to purchase (order) our products.
RETAILERS: If you are already a Lillian Rose Retailer (Dealer) please login to our Retailer site to begin ordering or contact us to submit your order.

How do I become a Lillian Rose Dealer?

To become a Lillian Rose Retailers (Dealer) please complete our Dealer Application and submit a copy of your resale tax ID certificate. You may also contact us to get more information.

How can I get my store listed on your website as a Store Near You?

Once you become a Lillian Rose Retailer (Dealer) and begin offering our product in your store we will offer the option to have your store information on our website for consumers to purchase our product as a store near you. Please contact us for additional details or to request your store to be listed.

How can I view pricing?

RETAILERS: If you are already a Lillian Rose Retailer (Dealer) you can login to our retailer site to view pricing. For new Lillian Rose Retailers (Dealers), once you have successfully completed a Dealer Application you will receive a username and password to login to our retailer site. From there you can view Wholesale Pricing and additional item information. Please contact us to obtain a username and password.

Do you have a minimum order?

RETAILERS: Yes. To open an account your minimum order is $100 and each additional re-order has a minimum of $50. There are no minimums on drop ships.

Do you have a minimum quantity?

RETAILERS: No. Lillian Rose offers you the option to purchase items by single quantity to allow you to purchase what you need or custom order for your customer.

Do you drop ship?

RETAILERS: Yes. Lillian Rose offers drop ship service within the United States. There is a $2.50 drop ship fee that is applied to the order. However we do offer great specials that allow you to drop ship without having a fee applied. We also offer the option of a customized packing slip to be included with your shipments. Please contact us for additional details.

Return Policy

CONSUMERS: Please contact the retailer you purchased our product from regarding any returns and/or damages.
RETAILERS: Please contact us regarding return policy.

Do you ship Internationally?

RETAILERS: Yes. We do ship internationally. International shipments are sent via United States Post Office unless other method of shipment is requested. Please contact us for additional information.
CONSUMERS: Please find a store near you to purchase our product internationally.


RETAILERS: We ship UPS or FEDEX (FOB: Mukwonago, WI) unless other ship via is requested. Our shipments go out within 1-3 days of placing the order. Shipping charges are set by the carrier and based on zones, dimensions and weight of products being shipped. You can request to receive a tracking number via email once the order has been shipped. To calculate your ship times, please see the chart below of UPS and FedEx.

UPS Ground Map FedEx Ground Map